MHPOV shares my experiences with anxiety, depression, and attempted suicide. 

Josh hiking in hometown of Vancouver, BC. Canada

Since early 2011, I have made volunteering and advocating for mental health a primary focus of my life. From facilitating a peer-support group, to public speaking, to interviews and published articles, I am sharing my story with others to help them learn about depression and mental illness.

MHPOV’s Goals:

  • Contribute to reducing the stigma associated with mental illness.
  • Provide a comprehensive view of mental illness from a first person point of view.
  • Share the strategies I have used in my recovery and those I continue to use.
  • To help me further understand the symptoms of depression.

I hope MHPOV offers the insight I would have needed to realize what I was going through many years ago.

I cannot stress enough how ill I was the day I tried to end my life, how mislead I was by depression and how happy I am to still be able to look in the mirror and see myself.

Many times in life I have had to learn from my own mistakes. I didn’t trust when others said I could get better. I thought what was happening to me was beyond coming back from.  I hope you can learn from my mistakes and avoid the experiences I have with luck survived.


In case you want to learn a little more about me, my name is Joshua R Beharry. I am a Vancouver-based mental health advocate with over two years experience with anti-stigma, mental health and wellness promotion at the University of British Columbia (UBC). I have a BSc. majoring in Computer Science from UBC specializing in user experience/interface design. I also have expertise in web/graphic design, online communications, and social media.

I enjoy both digital and film photography. Check out my portrait photography at joshuarbeharry.com.

I like all forms of storytelling, as long as there is character development and a solid storyline, be it comics, novels, movies or tv shows. About half of the books I read are sci-fi.

I enjoy hiking in North Vancouver with my brother and sister-in-law during the summer.





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  • This blog shares my personal experiences with mental health issues. Any changes to your health treatment should first be discussed with a doctor or medical professional.