The "Real" Man

The “Real” Man

Concept: The stereotypes that prevent men from seeking help for their health. Photo by Hans-Jörg Aleff / CC BY

Comic about depression

Talking About Depression: Good Friend/Bad Friend

Idea: Demonstrating what a good friend could say/do to support to someone experiencing mental health issues.

Info Graphic about Talking to a Friend About Depression

Talking to a Friend About Depression

How to talk about depression with a friend you’re concerned about. (It can be an awkward conversation to start but if it helps your friend, it’s worth it) What to do: Make sure your friend is in a comfortable place…

Depression as illness

Depression as Myth vs. Depression as Illness

Just because depression is not well understood, does not mean it does not exist or that it should be described solely in metaphors and analogies that perpetuate the false understanding of depression as something beyond us, that cannot be understood…

MHPOV Comic on Suicide

What if Other Deaths were Discussed Like Suicide?

MHPOV comic highlighting the stigma and misunderstanding of mental illness and suicide.