Taking Antidepressants

Anti-depressants help to lessen the impact of intense negative emotions that depression produces. After being diagnosed with depression, in the fall of 2009, I started taking a low dose of antidepressants.

Talk Therapy: Meeting with a Psychiatrist

When it came to speaking with a mental health professional, I didn’t know where to start. I felt exposed and uncomfortable sitting in a room with someone I didn’t know, having to share my most private thoughts.

Friends, Family and Peer Support Groups

I am lucky to have the support of family and friends. For months before and after being diagnosed with depression, I worried about what my friends would think of me if they found out. I thought they would forget who…

How I Use Mindfulness to Overcome Anxiety and Depression

Mindfulness promotes a non-judgemental approach to life, helping us avoid the pitfalls of cycling thoughts that feed depression.

What is CBT and how does it work?

Throughout my recovery, I learned that the more depressed and worried thoughts I had the easier it became to have them. Whenever we think connections are made in our minds and the more caught up we get with any thoughts…

Exploring my Recovery from Depression

Nothing destined me towards depression and suicide, had I known all I do now much of what I experienced could have been avoided. The days directly following my suicide attempt were a mess of emotions.  I went from feeling

Missing the Warning Signs of Anxiety and Depression

My experiences developing depression over the fall of 2009 were preceded by several months of intense anxiety and dramatic shifts in mood. When my mental health first started deteriorating, I looked for specific things that were going wrong in my…

Surviving Suicidal Thoughts

Knowing I was capable of recovery provided the spark I desperately needed. Though I was diagnosed with depression in the fall of 2009, there were signs dating back several years to high school. Some nights after a tough day, I…

How Stigma and Stereotypes affect Mental Illness

The pain stigma creates is a major factor in my illness. The stigma associated with having mental health issues compounds the issue, adding an unnecessary layer of difficulty to overcome.

Advocating for Mental Health

Advocacy has been tremendously helpful in my recovery, helping to me understand my illness, connect with others and share my story. 

What Causes Depression?

The following causes all tie into each other. They are issues, beyond the more chemical and biological components of the illness, that created negative patterns from which I began to develop depression.

Anxiety and Depression

What Everyone Ought to Know About Mental Illness What Causes Depression? Missing the Warning Signs Personal Definitions We all have the capacity to feel incredibly devastating amounts of physical and emotional pain. Understanding Anxiety Anxiety and depression walk hand in hand….

What Everyone Ought to Know About Mental Illness

On the surface, mental illness is almost invisible. We can’t see emotions and we can’t see thoughts. It’s difficult for others to recognize when I’m feeling depressed from my physical appearance alone.  Thoughts are simply me talking inside my mind — praising,…

How to Help

When helping others, I do my best to understand their experiences from their point of view. I don’t diminish or write off other people’s experiences based on my own.