It’s mo time baby! – Support Movember and Men’s Mental Health

Movember-Man-Made-Moustaches-PinIt’s been a few months since I made a post to MHPOV. I’ve been working for the Men’s Depression and Suicide Network  to create a website that gives men practical tips to manage and prevent depression. It’s coming along, and I can’t wait till we are ready to launch!

Our project is funded by the awesome people over at Movember Canada and all those who made donations to support men’s health. It’s great that Movember has expanded their funding to include projects around men’s mental health!

But, all this comes with one caveat, I have to grow a mo this Movember!

So our staff has made up a team and we’ve joined the new Canadian Mental Health Mo’fessionals network, that all you can join too.

If you have a team sign up under the Mo’fessionals network to show your support for men’s mental health.

Donate through my Movember page at: Mo-time-at-MHPOV.

$5-10 donations are welcome!



Sign up to grow a mo and learn how you can support Movember.