Radio Interview about Mental Health for VGH Foundation

I’ll be on the radio 3:30-4pm PST, this afternoon, Mar 6th.

You can listen in live on CKNW (980AM, in Vancouver). There will be a series of interviews from 3pm-7pm hosted by Jon McComb to help raise funds for the VGH Foundation and a new mental health centre in Vancouver.

Also, for the month of March, every time you LIKE, SHARE or COMMENT on the highlighted post on the VGH Foundation facebook page, Joe & Rosalie Segal will donate $10 (up to $100,000) towards this project. The Segal’s have already made one of the largest donations for mental health in Canadian history, at $12 million.

Read all the volunteer stories.

Here’s the approximate interview lineup:

  • Joe Segal: 3:08-3:11pm
  • Sara: 3:15-3:28
  • Josh: 3:35-4:00
  • Dennehys: 4:08-4:28
  • Victoria: 4:35-5:00
  • FREE: 5:15-5:28
  • Thea:  5:30-6:00
  • Barbara: 6:08-6:13
  • FREE: 6:14-6:28
  • Erin: 6:35-6:58

If you have a chance listen live on CKNW. Make sure to LIKE the VGH Foundation Facebook post to add $10 to the fundraising efforts.